British Travel Awards

British Travel Awards

Here at 365 tickets we love it when our customers go away – go away and enjoy themselves at the many UK and worldwide attractions we have to offer, that is! We are proud to have been nominated for the prestigious British Travel Awards 2014 in the Best Holiday Attractions Ticket Provider category, but we need your help to win! Ultimately, it is the consumer who decides on the winner, so if you have found great deals and fun experiences through our website, please spare a couple of minutes to vote for us. When you vote, you will be entered into the British Travel Awards Free Prize Draw with a chance to win a fabulous prize from the Prize Chest!

How to cast your vote

  • Visit the British Travel Awards website and fill in your contact details, then click on the Submit button, which takes you to the nomination page
  • Scroll about 3/4 down the page where you’ll find the question “Who provides the best additional holiday services?” or hold down CTRL + F then type in additional holiday services
  • Best Holiday Attraction Provider is the 5th section is this category – please click on the circle next to 365 tickets, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the submit answers button.

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When you submit your vote, you will invited to take part in a survey. You don’t need to do this to complete your voting, but any questions you do answer will get you an extra entry into the prize draw. Voting closes on 30th September 2014, and winners will be announced on 26th November.


Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Travel Writer