Cheap Eurodisney Tickets

Cheap Eurodisney Tickets

Cheap Eurodisney Tickets

Mickey and Mona Lisa – New Disneyland Paris Combo Offer

The world famous Louvre Museum is on the “must see” list for most visitors to Paris, just as a visit to Disneyland Paris is top of the kids wish list, and you can combine the two when you buy a Disneyland Paris 1 day, 2 parks ticket, with the added bonus of two free metro tickets for further savings. The Louvre Museum is vast, so may not be suitable for those with small children, but  older kids who enjoy art or history at school are bound to find something to inspire them, just as many adults can appreciate the magical world of Mickey’s domain, Disneyland Paris. Purchase Cheap Eurodisney Tickets online with exclusive offers from 365Tickets.

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Home to the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and many priceless works of art and artifacts, the Louvre is divided into departments, each representing different eras, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Near Eastern, European and Islamic exhibits, and trying to see it all in one day would result in sore feet and stiff necks, so it’s a good idea to print out one of the Visitor Trails before you go. Trails include The Da Vinci Code, that takes you round sites mentioned in the book and film, Daily Life in Egypt, focusing on archeological finds like the impressive Seated Scribe sculpture and fascinating artefacts dating from 4000 years BC, The Masterpieces, which gives you a tour of the Louvres most famous acquisitions, and a Horses and Lions search aimed at younger children. Alternatively, rent or download an audio guide with commentaries by curators and lecturers to use at your leisure. If you’re pushed for time you can take a guided tour around the “highlights” of the Louvre – a good option for a first visit. The main entrance, a pyramid made up of 673 glass panels which allows sunlight to filter into the underground floors, is a work of art in itself,  and the gardens of the Louvre are a beautiful place to stroll around. There are plenty of places to eat at the Louvre, catering for all tastes, and the museum is open until 21.45 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Paris Louvre Museum

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