Dragons at Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Weedy, the Sea Dragon
"Weedy" click for large image

“Weedy” and “Leafy”: Sea Dragons native to Western Australia and magnificent examples of one of the more amazing and beautiful breeds of sea creature at risk of extinction due to pollution.

These lucky Sea dragons are now living at Birmingham Sea Life Centre where visitors are being invited to put forward marine conservation suggestions that could be supported by The Sea Life Centres in their conservation work around the world. All suggestions will be considered and the best idea will be awarded an annual pass to Sea Life Centres and Sanctuaries.

Leafy the Sea Dragon
"Leafy" click to enlarge

From Sea Life Centres Curator Graham Burrows:

“The Sea Life network already carries out and supports a wide range of conservation work, and we will consider all the suggestions we get to see if there are any we can make happen.”

So, as well as seeing these amazing creatures, get your thinking caps on and see if you can have a brainwave that could make a real difference.

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