This is what a drone saw when it flew over the Tower of London’s poppy display

This moving tribute to the fallen has captured the imagination of around 4 million visitors and has become a focal point for the  WW1 centenary commemoration. Though most of the poppies will be dismantled after Armistice Day and sent to their buyers, the two most dramatic and evocative parts of the installation, the Weeping Window, with it’s cascade of poppies flowing through one of the windows, and Rising Wave, that splashes across the path leading to the Tower, can still be seen until the 30th November 2014, and the displays will be floodlit until midnight.

It’s not always easy to get a decent view or to appreciate the sheer scale of the display. However, a drone was sent out to capture the commemoration – which it has done with vivid clarity.

With thanks to the Historical Royal Palaces for the beautiful video.

Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Travel Writer