The Greater Blue Mountains

The Greater Blue Mountains is a wide and vast wilderness also known as the Blue Mountains National Park it is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The natural beauty is within 2 hours drive from the bustling Sydney CBD.

It is just a stepping stone away but showcases incredible scenery and backdrops, from rugged terrains to pristine waterfalls and lush forests it is simply an outdoor haven for the adventurer.

Katoomba is the largest town that lies within the majestic region.

With attractions like the Greater Blue Mountains drive, popular lookouts, waterfalls, and wildlife this guide additionally highlights the best things to do for any type of traveler and the whole family to enjoy.

Explore the local attractions in Katoomba and find new exciting things to do nearby.


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Attractions & Things To Do In Katoomba

The Three Sisters

World-renown, the Three Sisters is located just 5 minutes from  Katoomba and is a sight to see when in the region.

Rising above the majestic valley, it is a striking sandstone pillar with an equally amazing backdrop.

Echo Point offers the best view for this attraction.


Scenic World

One spectacular way to see the Blue Mountains is through the dramatic topography view from the Scenic World cable rides. Just 6 minutes from Katoomba, it is located on the edge of the small town.

There are 3 cable rides with 1 walkway that let visitors overlook the valley in awe, taking in all the beloved landmarks from the Three sisters, Katoomba Falls and Jamison Valley.

Prices can be viewed here.


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The Great Outdoors – Adventure

The region is a natural wonderland, boasting exciting activities that takes in the amazing landscapes that includes kayaking, rock climbing, caving, canyoning, canoeing, abseiling, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and camping.

There is an outdoor adventure for everyone, depending at your pace and how extreme you want to go.

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Hikes & Walks

You cannot leave the Blue Mountains without a hike or walk, with the abundance of trails & walks waiting to be explored, you can choose one that is to your level.

There are easy to hard walks that range from under 30 minutes to well over a few hours.

If you are find of lookouts and iconic scenery tackle on the many walks like the Prince Henry Cliff walk, Narrow Neck, Round Walking Track, Greater Blue Mountains Discovery Trail, Leura Cascades Fern Bower circuit and Mount Solitary.



Just 4 minutes east of Katoomba lies Leura, another local town that has impressive heritage buildings.

With almost as many stores as Katoomba there are gardens, Toy and Railway Museum, Sublime Point lookout and the delightful Leura Cascading falls.

There are several other trails from here that leads to other notable attractions.

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Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls is another town east of Katoomba. About 10 minutes drive from Katoomba it is known for the spectacular Wentworth Falls.


Tours – Guided Tours

Along with the typical guided sightseeing tours, there are harley, trike and 4WD tours for those that what to change it up.

You can go on a unique experience with professional riders and drivers showing you the highlights of the region as well as the hidden gems.

These tours offer splendid service and can pick you up from your location anywhere from Sydney to start the adventure.

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Katoomba – Town

Besides the attractions and activities around the town, there are things to do within the town that may capture your interest.

The town has quite a selection of galleries, restaurants, cafes, stores, and boutiques making it a great base to explore from.


Drive Along the Greater Blue Mountains Drive

Visitors can go on a self-guided drive along the Greater Blue Mountains Drive. It is a great way to see and experience the region in one pass.

With plenty of stopovers it is ideal to allow 2 days to explore this route.

The drive can start at Wentworth Falls and goes through Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath, Hartley Vale, Kurrajong and back to Sydney.

Some notable attractions along the way are part of the drive while others takes more time and are difficult to get to.

Take in an array of sights of flora and fauna, Mt Tomah, Jamison Valley, Ethereal Falls, Gordon Falls, King’s Tableland, Three Sisters, Govetts Leap, Grose Valley, and many more.


Indulge & Stay

There are plenty of accommodation types available, ranging from resorts, hotels, motels, B&b to hostels and camping for those that want to take it to the next level.

But, the Greater Blue Mountains offers many cottages and retreats that are simply superb. Hidden away in the valleys they offer the ultimate escape.

With a warm cozy fireplace or spa bath, visitors can indulge in the amazing scenes while reading or to simply relax.

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The Great Blue Mountains makes a great weekend getaway with plenty of unique Blue mountain events, attractions and things to do in the neighbouring areas.

This includes the Blue Mountains Royal Botanic Gardens and Jenolan Caves. Remember to check the weather beforehand and pack water, sunscreen, weekends can get busy so parking may be limited.

You will definitely have things to do and activities to keep you busy in Katoomba.


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