KidZania London – Top Activities for Kids

Come join in the fun at KidZania London in Westfield Shopping Centre as kids explore over 60 unique and exciting professions through real-life role play adventures in a fun and safe environment! From actor to fireman, surgeon to pilot there’s no limit to what your kids can try out.


KidZania London Top 10 Picks


Acting Academy – Actor, Puppeteer and Magician

At the Acting Academy you will have the opportunity to become an actor, a puppeteer or a magician! Take part in a play, work the puppets or learn magic tricks! You will be able to rehearse and perform for friends and family in the theatre.
Animation Studio – Stop Motion Animator

Bring your favourite Pokémon characters to life as a Stop Motion Animator in the Animation Studio where you can create your very own Pokémon movies.

Hospital and A&E – Surgery Team, Paramedic Team and Maternity Nurse

There is always plenty of action here! From nurses tending to newly born babies, to paramedics rushing to the scene of an accident and surgeons performing lifesaving operations; you will get a real taste of what it’s like in the Hospital.


Music Academy – Drummer

The Music Academy offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about rhythms and how to play the drums.

Police Department – Forensic Investigator and Police Officer

Become a police officer and go out on patrol to maintain the safety and order for all KidZanians. Protect residents, respond to anonymous tips, follow mysterious clues, interview witnesses and crack the case!

Radio Station – Control Technician, Radio DJ and Producer

You will broadcast from Capital’s Radio Station to the city of KidZania. You will learn to use professional studio equipment and run your very own radio show as the presenter!


Smoothie Kitchen – Fruitologist

Through producing delicious smoothies, you will come across different types of fruit, identify where it comes from and make your very own smoothies. All ready to take home and share with the family!

Stadium – Commentator, Athlete and Dancer

You can be a sports hero in KidZania’s very own Stadium! KidZania commentators bring the games to life as they share their knowledge with the spectators whilst athletes are involved in sports from football to tag rugby and even a dance bootcamp!

The KidZania Newspaper – Reporter

Read all about it! Hired as newspaper reporters, you are given the opportunity to scoop up the city’s biggest stories and have them featured on the front page of the paper for everyone to see!


What else is there at KidZania London?

Air Conditioning Technician – Bank Cashier – Burger Shop – Chocolate Factory Chocolatier – City Clock Bell Ringer – Climbing Building – Cabin Crew and Pilot – Beauty Salon Stylist – City Tour Bus Tour Guide – Courier – Dancer and Singer – Dental Assistant – Department Store Stock Manager – Mechanical Engineer and Pit Lane Crew – Estate Agent – Face Painting Studio Customer – Fashion Recycling Operative – Fashion Stylist and Model – Fire Fighter and Fire Inspector – Fruit and Nut Bar Maker – Hotel Guest, Housekeeper and Receptionist – Ice Cream Factory Technician – Kindergarten Guest (for under 4’s) – Power Company Maintenance Technician – Recycling Centre Specialist – RightZKeeper’s Residence (for under 4’s) – Science Lab Technician – Shopping Alley Guest – Supermarket Cashier and Customer – Vault Guard Apprentice – Bachelor – Degree Student

Plus plenty more activities…

Set their imagination free and get your KidZania London tickets today!


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