Legoland Firework Shows

Its best to get to Legoland early on the Firework days (1st Nov and 7th Nov). Some rides have to close early while Adventure Land is prepared as the fireworks launch site, so its best to ride them earlier in the day.

The queues for these rides will close at 3.00pm:

Boating School
Dino Dipper
Dino Safari
Jungle Coaster
Wave Surfer

The queue lines for these rides will be closed at least 3 hours before dusk on the fireworks days. Dusk is at 4.33pm on the 1st of November and 4.32 on the 7th November.

Laser Raiders and Scarab Bouncer will stay open during the display and the rides will reopen afterwards. This isn’t the definite list though, Lego say others may open too.

After the fireworks there will also be shows at the Imagination theatre and the Lego Duplo theatre. If this is not enough also visit the Legoland Trafford Centre.

There will be announcements after the firework display telling us which rides are re-opening.

Have fun – and remember – tell us how you get on! Share your experiences with other visitors!

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