london zoo fast track

London Zoo Fast Track Tickets

London Zoo Fast Track Tickets

If you’ve ever queued at an attraction with restless children in tow how you must have envied those with fast track tickets,  smugly swanning past the endless line to get in ahead of you! The chorus of “are we there yet, Dad/Mum?” on the journey soon becomes  “when are we going in?” and the little one needs the loo….like now!

London Zoo Fast Track TicketsLondon Zoo

London Zoo, Regent’s Park is home to many endangered species and much care has been taken to recreate their natural habitats as closely as possible. Some enclosures are walk through, like the ‘Meet the Monkeys’ exhibit and the Blackburn Pavillion tropical bird aviary. The monkeys have been known to steal visitor’s phones and sunglasses, so look out!

The zoo’s antarctic penguins now have a new 1,200 sqm pool to play in and their feeding time is particularly entertaining.

The latest additions to London Zoo are two beautiful Sumatran tigers, currently making themselves at home in Tiger Territory, where they have trees to climb and their own pool to cool down in.London Zoo

In the new children’s zoo, ‘Animal Adventure’, children can get close to some cute and furry creatures, climb and swing like monkeys and view animals from high and low vantage points whilst the nearby meerkat enclosure has a tunnel with a pop up dome right in the centre of the action!

Currently there are special Halloween themed activities for children at half term (26th October – 3rd November)  like storytelling and mask making.  ‘Boo at the Zoo!’ talks featuring nocturnal animals in the ‘Night Zone’ and they can meet some “creepy creatures” in the ‘Animals in Action’ show.

The festive season at London Zoo begins on the 16th November and children can join in Christmas craft workshops, decorate gingerbread and hang messages for Santa on a wishing tree. Parents can also buy some handy stocking fillers from the shop when they’re not looking! The London Zoo fast track tickets can be combined with a visit to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not or a trip on the London Eye for further savings.

Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Travel Writer