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Thorpe Park Sun Scream 2010

Yes, it’s that time of year again – The extreme Summer festival stuff at Thorpe Park. Stunts, rides, bands playing. Bands playing this year are “THePETEBOX”  – he’s the human beat box – bumf kish bumf ba bumf kish boomf bap bap – (to be fair he is the Radio 1 Beatbox Champ), and the […]

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London Eye Easter Egg Hunt

One for the families! This Easter and half term holidays the “Cheeky Chic” Hunt from London Eye – A chick has hatched early from one of the mysterious huge Easter eggs near the London Eye and been up to mischief by hiding 10 eggs all around the London landscape. They are only visible from the wheel […]

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Thorpe Park Freaky Easter Shows

Thorpe Park is laying on some “interesting” extra entertainment over Easter this year. All included in the entrance fee so nasty surprises involving your credit card. THE DARK PARLOUR The Showcase “twisted” contortionist twists herself into impossible spaces and a dark mind reader goes deep into your very own twisted minds! Make sure you have […]

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