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Thorpe Park Sun Scream 2010

Yes, it’s that time of year again – The extreme Summer festival stuff at Thorpe Park. Stunts, rides, bands playing. Bands playing this year are “THePETEBOX”  – he’s the human beat box – bumf kish bumf ba bumf kish boomf bap bap – (to be fair he is the Radio 1 Beatbox Champ), and the […]

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Tank Balling

Its described as being ideal for teenage boys – so that includes most men above about 6 and probably quite a lot of girls too! Tankballing – like paintballing but in 17 ton tanks! two great things about this – 1 is you’re in a tank, and 2 is you don’t have to run around […]

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Virgin Experience Days Now Available

One of the weird things about “experience days” is that they seem to be taking up where school finishes” To me, experience days are something dangerous or extreme or thrilling or at least unlike something you would normally be able to do, but now it seems they start at learning to cook, or a painting […]

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