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Thorpe Park Freaky Easter Shows

Thorpe Park is laying on some “interesting” extra entertainment over Easter this year. All included in the entrance fee so nasty surprises involving your credit card. THE DARK PARLOUR The Showcase “twisted” contortionist twists herself into impossible spaces and a dark mind reader goes deep into your very own twisted minds! Make sure you have […]

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New Rainforest at Sea life London Aquarium

Opens this Friday 12th March 2010! Theres an entirely new Rainforests of the World area opening at London Aquarium this Easter, including crocodiles, one of Europe’s largest shoals of piranha, and poison arrow frogs – they’re the ones that are really bright colours and look really cute but who’s skin contains deadly poison!

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Flower Shows 2010

Whilst the weather may be utterly foul at the moment, Spring is creeping up on us and before we know it we’ll get that whiff in the air, our spirits will raise, and we’ll be thinking about being outdoors, the garden, and maybe about some ideas picked up during the winter. With that in mind […]

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