The Titanic Exhibition – London O2

The Titanic setting sail from Southampton
The Titanic setting sail from Southampton

Once thought to be unsinkable the R.M.S. Titanic set sail on the 10th April 1912 from Southampton, on England’s south coast, destionation New York. It would never make it to the United States sinking 5 days later with a loss of 1500 lives after colliding with an iceberg.

Much has been made and documented about the feat of engineering that was the R.M.S. Titanic and the decisions and causes of the sinking of the worls largest ship, but TITANIC: The Arftefact Exhibition brings you closer to the the human stories connected with the artefacts recoverd form the shipwreck.

With over 300 artefacts on display including delicate bottles of perfume, china bearing the White Star Line logo and many other objects the exhibition offers poignant conncetions to the lives abruptly ended or changed forever by one of the world’s greatest maritime tragedies.

TITANIC: The Artefact Exhibition is running until the 1st May 2011 at London O2 bubble in Greenwich.

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