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History of Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park theme park located in Lancashire opened in 1983 and has been operating seasonally since. It is based on the legend of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The site is owned by The Story Group, and operated by Knights Leisure. The park is home to many rides, taking a target audience of families and younger children, however the park also boasts numerous thrill rides and roller coasters, including Whirlwind (a Maurer Söhne spinning coaster), Knightmare and Excalibur.

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Camelot Theme Park:

Camelot Theme Park takes visitors in a world of wizardry and heroic knighthood with a mix of rollercoaster rides and live entertainment and offers rides to kids and ‘big kids’ of all ages, whether you like the big roller coasters, log flumes or prefer something a little gentler for the younger ones and even an indoor play area if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Knightmare: A three million pound ride, will subject you to more g force than any other rollercoaster in any of the UK`s Theme Parks, pulling 5Gs at some points.
“This ride is something special. It’s highly rated by roller coaster fans, not just for its height and speed, but due to the fact that it’s a really intense ride with non-stop action for the whole two minutes. It’s a classic roller coaster, one of only two of its kind in the world, that’s guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression.”
Andy Hine, MBE,
Chairman of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain

Whirlwind: As you launch onto the track in your spinning carriage experience the terror of being caught up in a whirlwind! Back to back with your fellow riders brave the storm together and fight your fears.
Info: Minimum height 1.2 metres, maximum height 2 metres, weight restrictions apply.

Excalibur 2: Only true adrenaline junkies will dare to challenge King Arthur’s mighty sword Excalibur. A fearsome, stomach churning, test of the nerves, strap yourself in, hold on and prepare to embrace the legend.
Minimum height 1.4 metres. Weight restrictions apply.

Galleon Ships: Ahoy! Take your place on the galleon and make sure you’ve packed your sea legs. This swinging sea farer will challenge even the strongest of stomachs as it thunders into port. One for all the family but children must be over 1 metre in height. But look out for our Junior Galleon for smaller sailors!
Info: One just for the kids as you will need to be under 1.4 m in height. Weight restrictions apply.

Falcon’s Flight: Soar as high as a bird, up, up and away in your very own hot air balloon. Feel the wind in your hair as you float gently round while taking in the sights.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1.2 metre must be accompanied by an adult.

Pendragons Plunge: Twist, turn, dip and dive your way down 33ft of watery fun as you test the whole family’s courage on three different but equally exciting water slides. One of the best family fun days to be had!
Info: A great ride for all the family but children under  1 metre must be accompanied by an adult. Weight restrictions apply.

The Log Flume: Back, front, wherever you sit the only sure thing is that you’re heading for a soaking! No amount of cowering will shield you from the spray as you swirl round the corners and plunge into the final terrifying drop…….and don’t forget to smile for the Camera!!!!
Info: Children under 1 metre must be accompanied by an adult.

Dragon Flyer: Climb aboard this mighty beast for a breathtaking trip around this childrens amusement park. Fly past knight’s valley where Lancelot and Sir Percival battle it out in front of King Arthur and his hilarious jesters.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1.2 metres in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Junior Dragon Coaster: Beware of our Junior Dragon Coaster! This baby beast is perfect for Little Lancelots.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Caterpillar Capers: Join the crazy caterpillars on this junior coaster for some seriously pink knuckle fun! Follow the lettuce trail and journey inside the biggest apple on the tree.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Kingdom in the Clouds: This dreamy big wheel will take you to new heights. With stunning views over games square and the jousting arena you won’t want to come back down to earth.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1.2 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Go Karts: Get your accelerator foot ready as you vie for pole position on the exhilarating Go Kart track. The competition will be intense as you race round to be the first to the chequered flag.
Info: You will need to be at least 1 metre tall to be a passenger and over 1.3m to be a driver. (There is a small charge)

Cup & Sorcerer: Discover the enchanted glade and share a cup with family or friends. Everyone’s cup of tea these twisting, turning tea cups will really have you in a spin.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Bertie’s Driving School: Test your skills with everyone’s favourite Liquorice Allsort as you take a drive around the town. Beware of the buses and keep your eyes on the road!
Info: One just for the kids! Drivers should be over 1m and under 1.4m in height. (small charge).

Playland Express: All aboard this train for our younger travellers, it’s just the ticket for a magical trip.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1.2 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult

Sir Lancelot’s Chargers: Take a ride on our traditional musical carousel, saddle up your very own horse and gallop away to days gone by.
Info: One for all the family but children under 1.2 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult

Merlin’s Playland: A special area dedicated to our young Bravehearts with a great selection of kiddies rides, such as the Junior jousting horses, Human cannonball, Junior Galleon, Clown around, and Sky divers. Also in this area is an indoor playland where kids can run, jump, swing and climb. The perfect place to burn off some energy! And whilst the children are playing, adults can enjoy a well earned sit down with a coffee.

Jousting Knight Dodgems: Bump and bash your way through the other knights as you tackle our dodgems.
You only need to be at least 1.2 metres in height to be a passenger, but drivers need to be at least 1.4 metres.

Towers of Fun: An amazing interactive soft play area guaranteed to entertain the kids.
Suitable for children under 1.4m in height or 12 yrs of age.

Merlin’s Indoor Playland: A haven for our younger squires with slides, ball pools and much more. Height restriction vary but this area is generally only suitable for children under 10. Snacks and drinks are also available in this area.
Please note : Socks must be worn in all soft play areas. Socks are not available to purchase on the park

Dungeons of Doom: In this haunted house ghosts and ghouls lurk around every corner. Do not adjust your eyes as this spooky spectacle and its sprits try to scare you into submission.
One for all the family but children under 1 metre in height must be accompanied by an adult.

Jousting Shows: Held daily in the Avalon arena our Jousting Shows give you the chance to marvel at the spectacular horsemanship of the Knights of the Round Table and of course cheer for your favourite knight! Will it be the evil black knight Mordred or the ever loyal Sir Lancelot. Before each of the jousting shows, King Arthur leads the knights out into the arena, his very own court jesters will be on hand to explain the proceedings and ensure your participation throughout this breath taking tournament.

Merlin School of Wizardry: Camelot Theme Park`s Merlin, can be found performing his illusions twice a day in his spellbinding magic show, which takes place in the Castle. As one of King Arthur’s most trusted advisors, Merlin conjures images of mystical times and magical sorcery. So whilst you visit the Land of Great Knights and Amazing Days, ensure that you take some time to join Merlin and give him the chance to amaze you and your friends and family. This magical performance is definitely not to be missed.

Squire Bumpkin’s Farm: Why not complete your kids days out by taking a rest from the excitement of the roller coasters and the jousting and spend some time at Squire Bumpkin’s farm. There are always lots of animals to visit and depending on the time of yearyou may getthe chance to join in with the keepers at feeding time.

Camelot Theme Park Rides - Pendragons Plunge
Pendragons Plunge
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Knightmare
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Whirlwind
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Excalibur 2
Excalibur 2
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Falcons Flight
Falcons Flight
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Galleon Ships
Galleon Ships
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Caterpiller Capers
Caterpiller Capers
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Cup and Scorcerers
Cup and Scorcerers
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Dragon Flyer
Dragon Flyer
Camelot Theme Park - Knights Jousting
Knights Jousting
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Log Flume
Log Flume
Camelot Theme Park - Merlins Indoor Playland
Merlins Indoor Playland
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Merlins Wizardry
Merlins Wizardry
Camelot Theme Park Rides - Sir Lancelots Chargers
Sir Lancelots Chargers

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