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10 of the Best Wine Tour Destinations in the World You Must Visit This Year

Some people like to enjoy their wines in their comfort zones, with people they know.

But there are innumerable wine lovers who wish there was something more to it and so wineries all over the world, whether in a famous wine country like Italy or a small region like the Canary Islands, are coming up with this now widespread concept of wine tours.

Following is a list of the most famous wine destinations of the world. This short yet informative piece will come handy while researching options for a fine wine tour experience.


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#1. Mendoza, Argentina

The most premium quality Malbecs are produced in this region, which produces more than 75% of Argentina’s wines.

#2. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is not only a famous wine region in France but also in the world. Here you will find both expensive and the finest quality red wines as well as cheaper alternatives.

#3. Napa & Sonoma Valley, USA

The Napa and the Sonoma represents two different versions of the American wine culture. While both are located in California, Napa is the more up market and happening than Sonoma, which is laid back and offers highly affordable wines.

#4. Rioja, Spain

Rioja is the most famous wine region of Spain and the wine making here is imbued with is long standing tradition. Besides great wineries and restaurants, where you can enjoy Rioja’s wine and food culture you will also be impressed by its breathtaking landscapes.

#5. Burgundy, France

This long, narrow strip of land located to the east of France produces excellent red wines and is often compared to Bordeaux. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the two most popular varieties of grapes produced here.

Wine lovers have many more options where they can plan their ideal wine tours. To learn more about these regions, have a look at the Gifographic shared by Tango.Tours

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