100 things you (or someone else) always wanted to do.

In the old days relaxing meant listening to radio 4 on Saturday  mornings, or sitting in the garden with a blanket over your knees smoking a pipe.

How things have changed!

Relaxing thankfully isn’t as dangerous as it used to be, but it’s certainly more exciting! Now you can do just about anything you can think of, or are brave enough to try. Adventure and experience has been “packaged” and Virgin Experience Days are one of the leaders  in “experience days” as they’ve come to be known.

There are hundreds of experiences to choose from that your parents would probably never imagined ever being possible, either to scare you witless, or teach you something new and exotic, or perhaps something from your “Things i must do in my life” list.

Virgin Experience daysThe indulgent things for yourself are lovely but better still – something which could be much more fun, and definitely funnier, is buying an experience day for someone else – so get them to do something terrifying off  THEIR list instead! That way you can both benefit from the experience.

For Instance – Sky Diving! Now I guarantee that you will never, ever, get me doing that in a million years, unless I happened to find myself in a burning plane plummeting towards the ground and I was wearing a parachute, but my brother… I’m sure he’d like to try it!  Or my other brother – he might like to try Bungee Jumping? I’m sure he said he’d like to once….

There are hundreds of adventures and experiences to choose from, to spoil yourself, or stitch up friends and family. And they don’t have to involve the feeling of imminent death. Some are no more scary than learning to cook Thai food or go on a classic rail journey, so they don’t have to be too far out, but there are all sorts to choose from in between; like driving a tank, being a zoo keeper for a day, a flower arranging master class – did you know flower arranging was part of a Samurai Warriors training? (Keep an eye on your Mum if she mutters in Japanese when she’s putting flowers in a vase).

Whatever you choose to do, experience days are a wonderful way to do something for yourself, and make fantastic gifts when you just can’t think of that special something. And remember, even the sky itself isn’t the limit any more.

For information and tickets for Jorvik Centre please visit TITANIC – The Artefact Exhibition

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