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25 Beautiful And Less-Known Places To Check Out On Your Europe Trip

365Tickets March 13, 2018

One of the biggest dreams of people around the world is to go on a European trip.

When we talk about the trip, the first few places that flash on our mind are Paris, Rome, Venice and London.

All our trip revolves around these places. Right?

But trust me there are more to see and explore!

So once you have made the trip to all the major locations, it is time you check out these places too. For sure, you will thank me for this!!!


  • Cork, Ireland


No doubt, Dublin is the capital of Ireland but, when it comes to the ease to navigate and move around the place, Cork is considered as the “real capital of Ireland”. The people here are quite friendly and the city is full of life. You will find here a number of pubs, restaurants and an opportunity to be part of the live music.


  • Lyon, France


Lyon is all about shopping, party life and fun. If you love shopping then don’t wait to be in Paris as Lyon has enough places to give it a competition. If by chance you are in Lyon, make sure you visit the largest park in France – Parc de la Tete d’Or and Museum of fine arts of Lyon.


  • Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki is a sea town and the best place for people who love to be on the harbour, watching ferries. Here you will find a number of museums, parks as well as an amazing opportunity to experience sauna.


  • Budapest, Hungary


In the last few years, Budapest has been considered as one of the amazing locations in the Europe. This romantic location comes with some distinctive architecture. You will be spellbound while spending some good time on the shores of Danube river. The place is amazing for spa experiences and according to TripAdvisor, you will find here a number of baths like sparkling Gellert Baths, Rudas Spa, Szechenyi Spa, etc. The city is called as the “Queen of the Danube” and is a stunning location that describes the history and local culture both at the same time.


  • Freiburg, Germany


Freiburg is known for its green scenic locations and so for the same reason is called as one among the greenest cities in the world. If you walk through the city you will get the feel of the medieval story book. There are fewer cars in the city and are more depended on solar power – making it an eco-friendly location of the Europe.


  • Gothenburg, Sweden


Have you visited Stockholm? Then going for Gothenburg will offer you the same experience at a lesser price. Amazing architecture, hip hop cafes, artisan shopping and street art – all contribute towards the creative outlook of the city. Moreover, there are a number of parks, museums and the Liseberg amusement park to visit if you have any plans to check out the places.


  • Porto, Portugal


If you are the kind of the person interested in the ancient architecture and culture, visit the port city of Porto in Portugal. It has ancient links to the Roman culture and visitors can get a glimpse of the history by visiting Casa da Musica and Museu de Arte Contemporânea. Again, do you know that port wine was actually made in Porto?


  • Granada, Spain


Granada is a city located in Andalucia of Spain. One of the main attractions of the city is Alhambra a palace with Moorish culture. Thousands of people swarm into the city to get a glimpse of this medieval architecture. During the summers, around 6000 people make a visit on a single day. So according to Lonely Planet, if you have plans to get to know even the minute details of the structure, plan your trip during the quieter months.


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands


The university city is really beautiful and comes with a number of underground tunnels. Visitors can go through them to take a tour. The city mainly has two squares one Markt, where the town hall is situated and the second one Vrijthof, which is a place for restaurants, bars and cathedral.


  • Ghent, Belgium


When you are in Ghent, you will have mixed feelings as the city has a number of historic places crowded with modern people. If you are to visit Ghent just be sure to go for the canalside architecture.


  • Bucharest, Romania


There was a time when Bucharest was known as Little Paris. The place simply talks about the past through its Époque-style of architecture and streets lined with trees. The city has some of the best museums of Romania, which you should visit on your trip.


  • Innsbruck, Austria


Innbruck is situated on the western part of Austria in the capital of Tyrol. The city is surrounded by mountains and can offer a breathtaking experience to the visitors. The pubs, Imperial Palace and amazing rides are something that can bring you to the valley.


  • Genoa, Italy


When it comes to Italy, you have a number of awesome cities to pay a visit to but, one that often fails to get the attention is Genoa. You have much to see and discover here like the waterfront location, buildings and the streets. Visit the old town and there you are in the medieval time enjoying the walk through the cobblestone streets. If you happen to visit the city definitely go for the Porto Antico, where you will be able to enjoy your time at aquarium and cafes.


  • Bratislava, Slovakia


If you are having the plan to visit a place where modern lifestyle is meeting the nature, go for Bratislava. Visit the old town of Stary Mesto and you will be able to witness a number of buildings from the 18th century. Bratislava castle and welcoming cafes are the other attractions of the city.


  • Odense, Denmark


Denmark has a number of islands and the third biggest one is Odense, the capital of Funen. Here you will find a number of cafes and restaurants but, the main attraction of the city is the Odense Zoo and the open-air museum.


  • Ljubljana, Slovenia


If you have not visited Ljubljana then you are yet to know the definition of beauty. The place is a fusion of different cultures from Mediterranean, Slovenian and German. While you make a visit to the city don’t forget to pay a visit to the medieval castle near the city centre.


  • Basel, Switzerland


If you are a fan of museums, definitely go for Basel as it has the maximum number of museums in the whole Europe. As the city is situated on the borders of France and Germany, you will not be surprised to find a multi-colour flag here.


  • Manchester, UK


When you think Manchester, the first thing that may cross to your mind is football. But, know that it is an equally beautiful place for the tourists. The nightlife of Manchester is amazing and so don’t forget to have some drinks at the pubs after a day of shopping at Affleck’s market.


  • Split, Croatia


The coastal mountain backdrop really creates a spellbound view for the eyes. This place should be on your list if you are interested to have an amazing time with nature while shopping and having nice food at the restaurants. Above all, the Diocletian’s Palace is a must visit place as it is listed on UNESCO World Heritage sites.


  • Brno, Czech Republic


The place is less crowded and you can easily go around looking for museums, churches, castles and crypts. Make sure you have the taste of the local cuisines and the Moravian wines on your visit.


  • Toruń, Poland


Visiting Krakow or Warsaw can be on your list but, even Toruń has a number of historic places that you can go for. The place is less crowded and so visiting each place and going through the minute details can be very easy. The place is found by Teutonic Knights and you can still find the remains of their castle under the UNESCO World Heritage sites.


  • Bergen, Norway


If you are in search of some picturesque locations then Norway must have struck your mind. So when it comes to Norway, Bergen should be on your list. When you are in the city, make it a point to have the amazing food at the restaurants and enjoy the nightlife.


  • Rhodes Town, Greece


If blue waters give a relief to your eyes, then Rhodes Town is a place you must visit. Apart from the blue waters, you can find here a fusion of modern buildings and historic sites. Medieval castles to Roman ruins, the city has much to offer the visitors. Again, make sure you visit the Mandraki Harbor.


  • Colmar, France


This photogenic place is a smooth blend of German and French culture, architecture and spirit. The place looks as it has come to life from the frame.


  • Bled, Slovenia


The number of visitors visiting Bled has increased in the past few years. The main attraction of the location is no doubt the brilliant picturesque scenes of Lake Bled.

So if you are gearing up for the Europe trip and are in search of some exotic locations away from the eyes of the mainstream tourists, this guide is just for you.

Add some places to your visit and enjoy your vacation.

Why not check out what we have to offer in all these amazing locations at 365 Tickets!

Guest Post by Freya Lowe, Assistant Editor at Dealslands.co.uk