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An Insider’s Guide to the Museum of Modern Art, New York

365Tickets April 14, 2020

In the heart of New York, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) holds a strong significance for artists all over the world.

The art displayed within its walls draws attention to every detail no matter how small.

When you step inside you will be instantly transported into a world of pure magic.

This article will look at what there is to see inside the MoMA.

Let’s get started.

Contemporary Galleries

William Kentridge

The MoMa houses galleries that are genuinely out of this world.

You’ll find these galleries on level two of the museum with the contemporary galleries acting as a beautiful extension of the historical sequences found on levels four and five.

From 1880 to the late 1900s the galleries resonate with the evolution of art over the course of the century.

As you walk through these galleries you’ll notice the individuality of the artists.

Don’t miss the work by featured artist William Kentridge.

Vintage Paintings

Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh

From Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Frida Kahlo’s Fulang-Chang and I, you should not miss your chance to see a number of stunning paintings.

Inside the MoMA you’ll find some of the finest works by the most prominent artists.

Options like 1001optical glasses can genuinely help you explore the detail of every painting that is retained over the floors of the Museum.

Don’t miss the ‘Sleeping Gypsy’ – a vintage painting by Henri Rousseau.

Every picture paints a whole new world in itself.


Guitar – Pablo Picasso

If you’re looking for impressive sculptures, the MoMA has you covered.

Each piece is an example of sheer physical skill.

As well as modern-day sculptures, many exhibits date back to the early 1900s.

‘Guitar’ by Pablo Picasso is a major attraction that has captured the attention of many people.

While at the MoMA, you’ll have the chance to explore how these impressive sculptures were assembled. 

Architectural Designs

Glass House – Philip Johnson

The architectural designs on the third level of the gigantic MoMA encapsulate an artistic perfection that everyone should see.

From large scale to smaller-scale architectural designs, you can see all kinds of innovative techniques and detailing in architecture.

Along with significant arts and crafts practices, the whole of the third floor carries thousands of objects including appliances and furniture.

Each model you’ll see is not only innovative but intriguing as well.

The MoMA Audio

Museums can be a boring place if you are visiting them with kids.

Well, the MoMA is not like that at all. That is the best place you can take your kids out for a fun experience.

You can start by listening to the MoMA Audio. It is precise to kids who are three and above! You can find the audios on the first floor and then maybe take a trip to the educational desk on the 2nd floor—such a great way to let your kids learn through art.

You may also find some kid-friendly artwork present at the Museum that will truly capture the attention of your kids. The exciting thing is that it also has family programs that can get you to spend more time as a family.

Now there is no need to leave behind your kids when you visit the museums because MoMA audio has you covered.



The sixth level of the MoMA is a place that you have to visit. It’s towards the end of your trip to the museum.

It’s such an exclusive area as it holds special exhibitions or temporary ones. The artwork that this floor carries keeps on changing, so this flow is one of the most creative ones.

Each time you visit the museum, the sixth floor might be completely new. From modern exhibit to traditional art pieces, the sixth floor is an ingenious space.

It even holds seasonal exhibitions that are curated beautifully.

Kravis Studio

The MoMA has an intriguing studio named the Kravis Studio that hosts live performances.

Starting right from dance performances to musical ones, the studio has hosted many stunning formations or routines over the years.

The grandeur of the studio comes to life when it’s lit up with a scheduled art performance. The aim is to revive the history of art, which makes artists feel inspired.

This studio is mainly there to offer visitors a free and open encounter of live art that they might have never seen before.

Throughout the year, the studio connects with various installations and programs to give people the feeling of what art is all about.


Exterior – MoMA

With this guide, you can explore the Museum of Modern Art with absolute ease.

Take it step by step and make sure that you spend enough time studying each floor of the museum.

Once inside, it is hard to cover everything, so go for the classics first and then work your way forward according to your preferences.

Written by Carla Adams.