UK Aquarium Offers

New Aquarium Offers

There’s something fishy going on here at 365Tickets! We have added three new aquarium offers to our shoal, at Bristol, Newquay and Portsmouth. A waterfront without an aquarium is like fish without chips (sorry, friends of Nemo!)  They give visitors something to do on rainy days, and “tiddlers” (under 3’s) go free!

Bristol Aquarium

Bristol Aquarium has more than 4,000 aquatic creatures housed in 40 naturally themed habitats. Go on an undersea journey and see inhabitants of local shores, the Mediterranean, Mangrove swamps, Amazon forest rock pools and exotic coral reefs. The undersea tunnel has bubble helmets viewing points, and unlike some aquariums there is seating to enable visitors to fish-watch at their leisure. Bristol Aquarium’s superstar is its Giant Pacific Octopus, Elsa, and it has recently introduced 6 venomous lionfish to its predator display.

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bristol aquarium tunnel

Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium

Newquay Aquarium is located Towan surfing beach, and in the Sandy Seabeds exhibit you can see the bane of the barefoot surfer – weever fish, alongside colourful wrasse, pipefish, dogfish and seabream. A huge ocean display complete with a living coral reef and an underwater tunnel is the centrepiece of the aquarium, and is home to sharks, rays and eels as well as many colourful exotic species. There is a “finding Nemo” tank at child’s eye level, and a display containing hundreds of baby cuttlefish. Newquay’s hero is the blind rescued loggerhead turtle, Omiros, aged around 35 and weighing almost 100kg!

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Portsmouth Blue Reef Aquarium

As well as the usual array of sea creatures and the obligatory underwater tunnel,  Portsmouth Aquarium also has amphibians and reptiles – the beautiful, but deadly Poison Dart Frog, laid back lizards, a belligerent snapping turtle and an iguana called Rosie who likes to go outside for a walk, but its star turn has to be the colony of playful otters in a riverside habitat. There is an outdoor childrens play area and picnic spot. Aquarium tickets can be combined with an annual Portsmouth Historic Dockyard pass.

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Fishy fact

Ever often wondered why predatory creatures don’t gobble up their tank mates?  Apparently they’re so well fed that they can’t be bothered, so check out feeding times before you go, they’re very entertaining!

Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Travel Writer