Chessington World of Adventures Zoo – Monkey & Bird Garden

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Chessington World of Adventures Zoo - Monkey and Bird Garden Chessington

The Monkey and Bird Garden offers amazing animal adventures for your mischievous little monkeys!

Follow Cheeky and Beaky through a trail that features a wide selection of exotic monkeys and birds, all coupled with interactive play ‘n’ learn elements, an interactive Squirrel Monkey walk-through and fascinating facts guaranteed to delight monkeys of all ages!

In this area of our zoo you will find the following…

Birds: Chessington Zoo is a bird lover’s paradise!
See lots of different species of birds in the Monkey and Bird Garden. Make sure you check out the Owl and Condor feeds at 12.30pm, and Animal Antics at 4.00pm on the day of your visit.

Monkeys: They currently have more than twenty monkeys residing at Chessington Zoo grouped into five species…

Don’t forget to stop by at 3:30pm when you can watch the Squirrel Monkey Feed!

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