Chessington World of Adventures Zoo – Penguin Cove & Otters

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Chessington World of Adventures Zoo - Penguin Cove and Otters

Take a trip to both Penguin Cove & the Otters where these loveable creatures love to splash about and bathe in the sunshine.

In this area of our zoo you will find the following…

Otters: The Asian Short Clawed Otters are the smallest species of otter in the world. They are quite flexible and streamlined which means that they can groom themselves easily as well as helping them move quickly once in the water. Asian Short Clawed Otters live in extended family groups with only the alpha pair breeding and the youngsters helping to raise the young. At Chessington, we have a successful breeding family with parents Lancelot and Guinevere taking charge. If you fancy learning more about our loveable otter family, why not come along to our Otter Presentation at 10.15am

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