Chessington World of Adventures Zoo – Trail of the Kings

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Chessington World of Adventures Zoo - Trail of the Kings

Journey through the jungle and get a close-up look into the world of the fascinating Western Lowland Gorillas, Asiatic Lions, Persian Leopards, Sumatran Tigers, Binturongs and Fossas.

In this area of our zoo you will find the following…

Western Lowland Gorillas: There are currently 10 gorillas living at Chessington Zoo, the latest addition to the band is male gorilla Mbula, who was born at the park on 10 March 2009.

Sumatran Tigers: Mother and daughter, Ratna and Kelabu are the spectacular tigers that reside in the Zoo at Chessington World of Adventures.

Asiatic Lions: There are currently two Asiatic Lions at Chessington Zoo, male Ashok and female Kalinga.

Persian Leopards: The family of Leopards at Chessington Zoo is made up of father Kalaf, mother Shakira and their cubs Cyrus, Tahmine and Soraya.

Binturong: There are currently three binturongs living at Chessington Zoo – Jelita, Awam and the latest addition, Ayu.

Fossa: We have male fossa Kimbato and female Perinet living at Chessington Zoo.

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