Disneyland Paris – New pricing system for 2015/2016

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“You’re dead if you aim mostly for kids. Adults are only kids grown up anyway” – Walt Disney

Disneyland Paris have taken the great man’s motto on board, and are now embracing the young (and not so young) adult market by offering cheaper tickets mid week and during term time.  Though Disneyland Paris will always be popular with families, two recent promotional videos, one showing a young couple enjoying a romantic break, the other showing the resort working it’s magic on a group of scowling tough guys (and one gal!) have become very popular on YouTube.

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New pricing system for the 1 day/ 2 parks tickets

Instead of charging fixed prices all year round, Disneyland Paris have introduced a tiered pricing system on their top selling 1 day/2 park ticket. It aims to be an incentive to visit the park at less busy times, and to ease congestion during peak periods, like school holidays, the Halloween half term, and Christmas.  Disneyland Paris split their ticket availability into 3 seasons – peak, high and low.  This pricing system applies only to the 1 day/2 park ticket, all other Disneyland Paris tickets are valid on any date within the season in which you have made your booking.

Mini Ticket

With schools becoming stricter about term-time holidays, this cheapest option is ideal for the child-free, yet young at heart. Escape from the real world of work and avoid queues by visiting Disneyland Paris at off peak times, just  because you can!

Magic Ticket

The Magic Ticket covers all off-peak times and some more popular dates, like weekends.You can visit on all mini and magic dates during the same season. More rides will be available, but queues should be shorter.

Super Magic Tickets

Super Magic tickets are valid for any dates, including peak periods, are 100% flexible within your selected season, which is great if you are restricted by school holiday times but are not sure when you’ll be free to go.

Why book online?

Booking online in advance with 365 tickets not only gives you great discounts but allows you to take advantage of combi offers or transport packages.

The type of ticket you are allocated will be shown when you select your date, and you can view a calendar which shows all the other dates available for that particular ticket.

You can use your ticket for any of the other dates shown, if for some reason you are unable to go on the date you have booked. If you pay at the gate you will be issued a more expensive Super Magic ticket.

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