It’s Easter – Believe It Or Not!

It’s Easter – Believe It Or Not!

What are you looking forward to most about Easter – longer days, the arrival of Spring, a holiday from work or school?

Wealthy folks may hope for a fantastic Faberge egg, but the rest of us will settle for chocolate!

The custom of exchanging eggs dates back to the time of the Egyptians and Persians, when painted eggs were given as gifts to symboliise fertility and new life.

In Europe, some pagan customs celebrating the Spring equinox, when the goddess Eostre overcomes the power of darkness, were assimilated into Christianity to represent the resurrection and renewal of faith.

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Here are some Easter fun facts, courtesy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Eggstreme Egg

The tallest chocolate Easter Egg measured 10.39m (34ft 1.05in) high.  Made by the Italian chocolatiers Tosca,  it was measured at the Acciaierie Shopping Centre in Cortenuova on 16th April 2011. It weighed 7,200 kg (15,873 lb) and had a circumference of 19.6m (64 ft 3.65in) at its widest point.

Creme Egg Crazy

Miki Sudo, from La Vegas, holds the holds the world record for eating Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, devouring 50 of them in just six minutes and 15 seconds!

Happy Hunting and Rolling

The largest ever Easter Egg hunt was in Florida, where 9,753 children searched for 501,000 eggs. Egg rolling down grassy slopes is popular in the US and Europe. At Easter, the White House lawn is taken over by parents and children pushing eggs through the grass with wooden spoons!

Biggest Bunny

The world’s largest rabbit, Darius, weighs three and a half stone and is 4ft 4in tall – about the same size as a 5 year old child! (Must have eaten all the eggs instead of delivering them!) Like the Christmas tradition of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny originated in Germany and was imported to the USA  in the 1700’s. In Sweden, kids have to appease for the Easter Wizard or Witch to get treats!

Eggspensive Egg

A scrap dealer, hoping to make a few extra pounds, came across an antique egg at a bric-a-brac sale. He discovered he was in fact the owner of a £20 million missing Faberge egg dating back to the 19th century!

Prayer Pretzels

Possibly the earliest fast food snack, Pretzels were originally made at Easter by ancient German monks, and were created in a pattern to represent two folding arms in prayer.

Fitness Fanatic

In 2014, in Clermont, Florida, super fit serial record breaker Alicia Weber completed 17 pull-ups in one minute while balancing an egg on a spoon held in her mouth!

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is a treasure trove of amazing and incredible facts, and makes a great all weather family day out.  Mobile entry, late rates and combi tickets are available, and until April 10th 2016 visitors can see the  treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe Couture exhibition.

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