Game of Thrones: Eastwatch. Jon Who?

WARNING: This post discusses Season 7 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. Spoilers ahead – get out while you can. 

It was the calm after the um, fiery storm that was Spoils of War but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get comfortable. This is Game of Thrones after all, and every moment counts at this late stage as it’s time to wrap up this tumultuous tale. So here’s what you might have missed.

Eastwatch sneaking into the opening credits…

Only the most eagle eyed of you who didn’t get carried away singing along to the theme song, (c’mon guys it’s not just me), would have noticed this little gem in the opening credits. It’s Eastwatch – the easterly most castle on The Wall where our favourite bearded Wildling, Tormund Giantsbane, has been keeping guard and (probably) wishing Brienne of Tarth was there…

New additions to the opening sequence were a frequent occurrence back in the early days, when we were getting strange characters and places thrown at almost weekly, but it was good to see a new clockwork castle unfold before us.

“Thought you might still be rowing…”

Ladies and Gents, I give you Ser Davos Seaworth, The Onion Knight, The MVP of This Episode, and of our Hearts. A moment of appreciation for referencing that meme that we’ve all been posting for the past 4 years of poor Gendry in his boat. 10/10 for fan service.

In case you’ve forgotten, Gendry is King Robert Baratheon’s only remaining illegitimate son – which gives him a legitimate right to the throne, stronger than that of Joffery or Tommen’s ever was. Since escaping Melisandre’s plan to sacrifice him to the Lord of Light, Gendry has been hiding out right under Cersei’s nose as a blacksmith. But he’s back friends, with a fresh buzz cut and some serious hammer wielding skills. Also, the Baratheon stag on his weapon of choice? He definitely is King Robert’s son and one to keep an eye on.

Gendry Has Returned / HBO

Jon Who?

Perhaps the crux of this episode lies in a few words from Gilly, who just happened to be practicing reading on a particularly important book of records. However, they were lost on Sam who was caught up in his frustration with the maesters. He was justifiably frustrated as they did offer a plausible solution to the biggest threat to hit Westeros in centuries, only to take it away again. A  solution that would not have involved going north of The Wall to capture a Wight, sneak all the way down into King’s Landing, and not be murdered by Cersei. Raise your hand if you have a bit of a problem with this plan. Yup, me too. I mean, there are flying dragons and walking dead men, but I draw the line here. This is too much.

Anyway, Gilly revealed that a certain Prince “Ragger” had an annulment and remarried in secret ceremony in Dorne. As we already know, Jon is the illegitimate son of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark, but if these two were actually married he’s no ‘Snow’ at all. That’s right – he potentially has Targaryen and Stark blood running through his veins. If he isn’t the promised Prince that Melisandre keeps harping on about I don’t know who is. But yet again this is information that the characters aren’t privy to – HBO love a good bit of dramatic irony. Fingers crossed Sam packed that book before he quit maester school and we’ll get the reveal we’ve all been waiting for someday soon.

Jon Snow
Jon Snow / HBO

So What Now?

Eastwatch was an episode filled with quieter, more poignant moments than Spoilers of War but honestly I don’t think I could have taken another Loot Train Battle so soon. I’ve got a feeling that this calm won’t last long though.

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