Hand Luggage Essentials for Women

We have hundreds of attractions in ideal locations for city breaks such as Paris, London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. When packing for a weekend away we often opt for the more frugal option of “Hand Luggage Only”. This can sometimes prove difficult for us ladies when it comes to what to pack. We have created a list of general Hand Luggage Essentials which you can refer to when packing those little carry ons!


Hang Luggage Paris
The Eiffel Tower


Absolute Essentials (or you won’t be going anywhere!)

Boarding Pass 

Passport / ID

Accommodation Documents and Directions 

Foreign Currency (Check before what currency you need!)

Front Door Keys/Car keys




Mobile Phone

Phone Charger (and another other charger needed)

Plug Adapter (If going outside the Ireland / UK)


Toiletries (You can also buy some these in the airport)

Makeup (nder 100mil)

Deodorant (under 100mil)

Body Spray/ Perfume (under 100mil)

Face Wipes/Cleanser (under 100mil)

Moisturiser (under 100mil)

Shampoo and Conditioner (under 100mil)

Shower Gel (under 100mil)

Toothpaste (Under 100 Mill)


Hair Brush

Hair pins/Hair Ties




Outfits (x as many days you’re there. *Tip: 1 Bottoms x 3 tops) (Pub Outfit | Going Outfit | Smart Outfit)


At least two pairs of shoes (In case in rains etc)




Jacket/Hoodie/ Coat





Sweets for the plane (If you’re prone to ear popping!)


Flip Flops


Its a good idea to check to see if your accommodation supplies towels, hair driers and toiletries so you can spare some room in your luggage bag; Particularly if you are going more than a couple of days. We also recommend rolling your clothes instead of folding to fit more in.

We hope you can use this list as a helpful guide next time you are packing. It may help alleviate any pre-holiday stress! Enjoy your city breaks and remember to check our website for any offers and discounts before you go!



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