How to enjoy your perfect day in Prague [Infographic]

In many ways, Prague is a city of contrasts. Its stunning buildings and longstanding association with the arts make it a must-visit for culture vultures eager to tread in the footsteps of famous historic figures such as Franz Kafka and Antonin Dvorak. Yet despite its prestigious past, the city is arguably best-known today for its raucous nightlife.

Czechs consume more beer per person than any other country in the world, and the city really knows how to have a good time. Whether your dream night out involves enjoying a delicious meal in a beautiful setting, sampling some of the world’s best beers in the city’s famous old pubs and breweries, or drinking and dancing the night away in its many vibrant bars and clubs, Prague’s got you covered!

But with all that variety, planning a trip to Prague can be a bit of a headache (and that’s even before you’ve woken up after a night spent enjoying a few Budvars, Pilsner Urquells and Staropramens). Fortunately for you, we’ve produced this detailed flowchart to help you pick out the Prague attractions you can’t afford to miss, both in the daytime and after dark.



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