Mugler Follies

Mugler Follies Paris Cabaret

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Mugler Follies Paris Cabaret

Be one of the first to see this spectacular new Paris cabaret show, Mugler Follies, opening on the 10th December 2013 at the Theatre Comedia 4 Bd de Strasbourg.

Mugler Follies is the creation of Manfred T. Mugler, formerly known as Thierry Mugler, the legendary fashion designer renowned for his theatrical catwalk shows where futuristic glamour meets sci-fi designs and for his hugely popular fragrances, like Angel.

Mugler Follies

His latest venture, Mugler Follies, draws on his experience on the stage as a ballet dancer in his youth whilst studying interior design and at the same time learning about lighting, sound systems and production techniques.  A flamboyant character, he made his own clothes, launched his own fashion label, published two books of his photography, has designed stage costumes for Beyonce, Prince and Tina Turner and now this Jack of all trades and master of them all  lends his midas touch to cabaret. Incidentally he has also taken up bodybuilding and now wishes to be known by his first name, Manfred!

Given his background, the audience can expect to see costumes that rival Lady Gaga’s stage outfits (she’s actually a big fan) that would make even Vivienne Westwood gasp! It could have all gone a bit “Alice in Fetishland”, but Mugler has introduced some comic strip style heros and heroines which add a bit of drama and humour to the show.

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The “Muglerette”, already a popular character with his fans, can best be described as a wasp with large breasts whilst “Yrees” is a caricature fashionista with big hair and the armour clad “Kraffit”, defeater of darkness – think Edward Scissorhands with whips instead!!

The overall theme is the typical “young woman finding herself” revue scenario, taking the audience through her various bizarre encounters populated with acrobats, breakdancers, pole dancers, contortionists and aerial acts, plus a crossdresser fat lady singing! Eroticism and high tech effects combine to make this fast paced show a visual and sensual delight, life is a cabaret, etc. Rumour has it that the former Balmain designer, Laurent Mercier will appear as his alter ego, Lola and the iconic 70’s transexual star Marie France will also be performing.

The final casting is still under wraps at the moment, but judging by Thierry – sorry, Manfred’s track record it certainly won’t be boring! What will this man do next? take singing lessons ? Whatever he does it’s bound to be a success, and if you want to see a show that takes things up a notch, 365 tickets are offering show only, dinner plus show and champagne and show packages, so be amongst the first to see it, and share your views with us.

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