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New Attractions to London 2015


Remember when you were a kid, how adults were constantly asking you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Kidzania offers children in the 4-13 age group a unique chance to find out what their preferred future occupation actually entails, in the fun and safe environment of a 75,000 sq ft child sized city.

Kidzania is a global brand which has attracted 41 million visitors to its 18 locations across 5 continents, and now it has come to London!  Kids can choose from more than 60 dream careers, spending a day in the life of a firefighter, radio presenter, police officer, actor, beautician, doctor, engineer, or chocolatier, to name but few.

Wannabe X Factor contestants are also catered for with singing and dance workshops, and they can even learn about life as a student by enrolling at the Kidzania University!

During their 4 hour experience in the work of work they will earn money in the form of kidZos, which they can save in a deposit account and exchange for goods and services during their visit – a lesson in economics that will be welcomed by many parents! Parents of children over 7 are free to shop or dine whilst their kids work – sounds good to me – so what if they decide to run away and join the circus after all!


Shrek’s Adventure

The lovable, grumpy, big green chap invites all his fans to join him on an adventure of a lifetime at the new Shrek’s Adventure London. Shrek’s Adventure is a comedy/theatrical style walk through experience, similar to the London Dungeon, but with more laughs than screams, and hilarious motion simulator rides.

The comical mystery tour begins when you board a magical red London bus, driven by Shrek’s crazy sidekick, Donkey.

As the 4D Dreamworks Tour Bus takes you through the land of Far Away, you will encounter 10 fairytale characters on your journey, and no doubt their stories will take  chaotic turn with Donkey as your tour guide!   Cinderella may be trustworthy, but Rumplestiltskin definitely is not, Pinocchio needs rescuing, and so will you – from the Poison Apple Pub!

Never fear, Puss in Boots will be there for you!

Shrek and Fiona, and characters from Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon will meet and greet visitors in the arrivals lounge. Located near the London Eye, it’s a great rainy day activity that fans of the films will love.


Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley Travel Writer