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Food Tips

Nourish Your Taste Buds at These Amazing Places

365Tickets March 15, 2019


The United Kingdom is a country whose name is as regal as its heritage and history.

Millions of tourists visit this English country round the year and enjoy the best holiday experience, shopping, and food.

However, things were not always like this as at one time; the food was mediocre. However, these days the country is home to some of the tastiest dishes and restaurants ranging from Michelin-star to inexpensive options.

For foodies, the travel survey has come up with a list of the best places to satisfy your taste buds.

Which Places Do You Recommend to Enjoy Mouth-Watering Dishes in the UK?

From many years, the eating-places in the UK have increased, and one might get confused about where to eat. However, we have shortlisted some of the best eating places in the UK for your ease.


  • The Ledbury


In case, you are on the Ledbury road, and searching for a classy place to dine with your friends, then we recommend you try The Ledbury. It is one of the most renowned fine dining restaurants in the UK and serves British and French cuisines. The restaurant owes its popularity to Chef Brett Graham, who has played a vital role in getting the place the best Michelin-star rating restaurant in London. The restaurant serves exotic dishes including amuse-bouche, seafood, and signature dishes such as brown sugar tart, and smoked eel.


  • The Table


Located on Dundas Street in Edinburgh, The Table offers the best English and Scottish food. If the idea of foie grass with chocolate terrine, citrus-laced cod, pigeon, and squid risotto suits you, then this is the right place for you. What makes this restaurant unique is the hospitable staff, the colourful décor, and the popular seven-course buffet, which offers a delightful experience to foodies.


  • Tattu


If you are looking for an afternoon snack or brunch, then you can come to the Tattu located on Hardman Square, Gartside Street in Manchester. The restaurant provides a cozy ambience with dim lighting, soothing music, and mouth-watering food, not to forget the excellent hospitality. Tattu offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from Thai, Chinese, to Japanese dishes.

It attracts a vast crowd of foodies and is among the top-rated restaurants in the UK. Tattu offers caramel and soy beef fillet, jasmine rice, miso salmon, and black pepper with honey ribs, which are sure to keep your taste buds satisfied. The travel survey recommends this place if you are looking to take your date to a quiet location with a variety of cuisines.


  • Dakota Bar and Grill


Located inside the famous Dakota Hotel in Glasgow, the Dakota Bar and Grill is another name in the league of the best restaurants in the UK. It offers a separate bar named Champagne Room, located right next to the dining area. The Dakota Bar and Grill offers space and fast service with an extensive food menu. The best feature is that it also has a private dining area, where you can host special occasions.

If you are looking to taste some monkfish curry, chicken Kiev, and stone bream, then the Dakota Bar and Grill is your place.


  • The Art School


Located in Liverpool, and in the Lantern Room of the 1888 Victorian ‘Home for Destitute Children,’ the Art School is the best place to have a tremendous exceptional dining experience in Liverpool. Their Chef Paul cooks some of the dishes with seasonal material grown locally. No one can ignore the wine and cheese board pairing, not to forget the cheese soufflé, macaroons and black pudding, and breast of a wood pigeon.


  • Baileys Fish and Chips


Your visit to the United Kingdom would remain incomplete without tasking the signature fish and chips, served at only one place, .i.e Baileys Fish and Chips. The Baileys is a cozy eating joint located on the Dawes Road, Fulham in London, which offers authentic fish and chips platter with grilled cod and calamari. However, do not forget to taste the wraps and burgers, the mashy beans, peas with the signature curry sauce. The travel survey recommends that you try the haddock and calamari at Bailey’s.


  • Nok’s Kitchen


Are you searching for authentic Thai food on Gloucester Street in Edinburgh? We recommend that you visit Nok’s kitchen and enjoy the best mouth-watering Thai and other Asian delicacies. We suggest that you try the lobster, crab, Thai curries, and Japanese bass fish with the authentic sticky rice to satisfy your taste buds. You should try the king prawn and duck curry green Thai curry.


  • Bar San Juan


If you are looking for a bar on the Beech Road in Manchester, then we recommend you try the Bar San Juan in Chorlton. San Juan offers authentic Spanish and Mediterranean dishes with imported beer. It is also one of the most happening restaurants in the UK. The place provides traditional décor, and a decent crowd, and is a must-visit if you are in Manchester. We recommend that you try the Spanish tapas, Chorizo with quail eggs, and grilled octopus.


  • Koolba


If you are searching for Indian food in the UK, then visit Koolba located in Glasgow. It offers authentic and delicious Indian food. It is one place, where with an artistic décor, and tradition, which matches the tasty dishes served. Koolba is located in the heart of the Merchant City, and also offers Persian and middle-eastern food with Indian recipes. The travel survey recommends that you try the prawn poori, fish pakora, curries, and meat. The best time to visit this place is from noon to 1 pm.


  • Panoramic 34


The Panoramic 34 is located on the 34th floor of the West Brook Tower on West Brook Street in Liverpool. The all-glass restaurant offers an unbeatable and stunning view of the Liverpool city and skyline, not to forget the river. It is also one of the restaurants located on a considerable height in the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking to taste scallops with beetroot, or fish and chips; Panoramic is the place to be.

Summing Up

Thus, when you are visiting the UK for winters, the travel survey recommends that you try these ten restaurants to get a taste of all types of dishes.