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7 Pet-Friendly Destinations To Visit In Australia

365Tickets June 25, 2020

7 Pet-Friendly Destinations To Visit In Australia

While each of us looks forward to travelling, not all like to part ways with their furry friends.

Thankfully, the concept of travelling with pets is more prevalent than ever. Today, an increasing number of destinations are embracing a pet-friendly policy. Topping the charts is definitely- Australia. 

With a bevvy of pet-friendly hotels, parks, and fairs, Australia has emerged as one of the most pet-friendly destinations.

It has a plethora of locations that ensure a paw-fect vacation for your four-legged friends. 

In this article, we have whittled out the top 7 locations across the continent that are most feasible for an exciting vacation with your furry friend.

From cosy cafes to gorgeous beaches where your little pets can feel the sand between their paws, these locations will ensure that you and your pet have a great holiday. 

  • New South Wales

The state of New South Wales is a popular tourist hotspot. The region boasts several pet-friendly accommodations that promise a luxurious stay to all the pets and their owners.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/_QnPkc4C6E4

The famous Callala Beach, a gorgeous coastal town set amidst Jervis Bay on the Southern coast, is a picturesque location. It offers a long list of pet-friendly properties, from luxury beach houses to caravans and bayside holiday houses. The beach promenade is a leash-free zone from 4:00 PM to 8:00 AM each day. This ensures your pet has a lovely time exploring the beach sands. 

On the Northern Coast, the Goolawah Regional Park is another dog-friendly encampment surrounded by vast stretches of leash-free dog beaches. The camp offers picnic tables and barbecue facilities where you can enjoy a delectable meal with your pet.  

  • Gold Coast, Queensland

The yellow sands of Gold Coast beckon people from far and wide. This scenic beach destination has some incredible spots that can leave you spellbound. What’s more to the delight of pet- owners is that it has few dedicated areas where you can take your pet for a stroll or a run. 

Both Spit and Palm Beach have three kilometer-long stretches where you need not have your pets all leashed up. Besides, your pet can enjoy a hearty feast at cafes like Parc-Bah Espresso and Burleigh Social. Both these places sell delectable gourmet ice creams for your loving pooch. For maximum comfort and ease, always choose an award-winning dog carrier for your pet.

  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km long track of fun and frolic. It is, in fact, one of the most scenic coastal areas in the whole of Australia. It has several pet-friendly B&Bs and cottages where you can comfortably stay with your pet and enjoy an amazing vacation. Like other areas mentioned above, Victoria Road also has massive off-leash trails at Camperdown Lakes and the Port Campbell recreation reserve.

  • Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is home to some hidden gems for the pet owners. Belongil Beach here has wonderful dunes where you can take a walk with your canine partner and have a great time. Another must-visit beach is Tallows. This beach has put Australia on the list of top pet-friendly destinations of the world. Bangalow, Suffolk Park, and Main Beach are some other options for beach lovers. 

The vast array of pet-friendly accommodations spread across the Northern Rivers is noteworthy. They offer respite from the chaotic city life. There is also an abundance of pet-friendly cafes serving Byron’s local cuisine that will leave you spoilt for choice. The highly recommended ones are Bayleaf, The Farm, and Treehouse. 

  • Tasmania

Reaching this part of Australia can be a little tricky, but it is worth every effort that you put in. Tasmania has a fully dedicated dog-walking community, so your paw friends can have new companions when they come here with you. 

The island is chock-a-block with dog-friendly parks and beaches, especially in Kingborough, Hobart, and Huan Valley. So, if you propose to caravan with pets, visit Tasmania as the island has loads of pet-friendly parks to offer.

  • Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

This place offers magnificent views of the beaches and the vineyards and is a great spot for the pet owners. The Onkaparinga River Recreation Park allows you to get your canine companions for a walk along the valleys, rivers, and gorges. You can bask in the beauty of natural scenery as you stay in Fleurieu’s various pet- friendly accommodations.

  • Phillip Island, Gippsland, Victoria

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/hedVCFiWTDc

On the southeastern periphery of Melbourne, there is a coastal area that abounds in rich natural heritage, Phillip Island. The island has gorgeous accommodation facilities for your pets. 

The Best Friend Holiday Retreat, situated at Tarra Valley rainforest, offers luxury cabins, caravans, and campsites for those who want to holiday in style with their canine partners. This retreat spreads across a whopping ten acres of land. It has huge leash-free areas, kennels, dog playgrounds, and even a rock pool where your dog can splash around. 

The Tarra Valley Picnic area is also nearby. So, you can even pack some lunch and play goodies and head to Phillip Island for a superb wildlife park experience. Walk along the stretch of Bass Coast Shire from 7 AM to 10 AM from May to November and from 5 PM to 8 PM from December to April.

Wrapping Up

Australia is a haven for pet lovers. Everyone understands the importance of your fur babies’ and feels more than happy to welcome them. If you haven’t visited any of these destinations mentioned above, make your plans right away, and you will not regret a penny.

Seeing the world with your paw companion is on the wish list of so many dog-lovers, and Australia precisely gives you all the opportunity to do so.