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Plan a Singapore Vacation You’ll Never Forget

365Tickets September 12, 2018

Singapore is one of the great gems of Asia.

Cutting edge technology and architecture meets old-world style, creating an aesthetic and an experience that is hard to beat.

Whether you’re staying in Singapore for a day or a year, you will never run out of new and unique experiences to enjoy.

From the extreme opulence displayed in Singapore’s shopping centers to the down-to-earth cuisine available in hawker centers across the city, there is something for everyone in Singapore.

No matter who you are, you will leave Singapore thinking about the soonest you can come back to the Lion City.


Singapore has a lot to offer for entertainment, both relaxing and exciting. While the city is a serious, world-leading business destination, it has also made itself a top-notch vacation destination. If the food isn’t enough to draw you to Singapore, the entertainment most definitely will.

Head to the Gardens by the Bay and check out their beautiful, tree-shaped vertical gardens.

There is always a unique event happening at the Gardens no matter the season, and whether it be an orchid show or a parade of lanterns, you’re sure to have a good time. With a skywalk near the top, this is the perfect place to make your Instagram followers jealous with the perfect selfie.

Singapore City

Speaking of selfies, once you are done visiting the Gardens by the Bay, head over to Marina Bay Sands and snap a shot of one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

Opening in 2010, the hotel quickly became Singapore’s go-to luxury hotel, drawing crowds in with spacious rooms, shopping, and the gorgeous architecture of the building itself. Marina Bay Sands has become one of the most recognizable features in Singapore’s already impressive skyline, and continues to inspire countless tourists.

Finally, for a bit of excitement head to Universal Studios Singapore. Jam-packed with family friendly fun, Universal Studios Singapore has a bevy of attractions to fill up an entire day (or two!).

Thrilling roller coasters, shows featuring your favorite characters from Sesame Street, live street performances, shopping, and dining are all widely available and waiting for you.

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The food in Singapore is nothing short of legendary, and for good reason. Eating is basically the national pastime of Singapore, so much so that instead of saying “Hello,” you’ll often hear people ask each other, “Have you eaten?” From fine dining to mouth-watering street food, Singapore has something delicious for every hungry traveler.

This love of food makes sense when you look at the cultural makeup of Singapore. Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani, and Eurasian expatriates are all welcomed with open arms in the Lion City.

Blending all of these distinct culinary styles has resulted in a unique cuisine that takes the best of what it is given and makes it even better.

For an exclusive and expensive dining experience, Singapore does not disappoint. If you are in the mood for what may be the best sushi outside of Japan, head to Michelin star-awarded Shinji in either The Carlton or St. Regis hotels. If modern French cuisine is more your speed, Gunther’s located in the Singapore Cultural District will have just what you need. Located in the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Waku Ghin, which holds two prestigious Michelin Stars, offers up a 10-course meal of Japanese-European cuisine that is sure to please. Finally, what may be the most exclusive restaurant in all of Singapore, is Iggy’s.

Located in the Singapore Hilton, Iggy’s exclusively uses the freshest possible seasonal ingredients, resulting in an ever-changing menu that is sure to delight you (assuming you are able to get into one of their 48 seats!).

While the fine dining in Singapore is something to be celebrated, the majority of Singapore’s residents dine at the hawker centers spread throughout the city. Delicious, inexpensive, and unpretentious, visitors and locals alike flock to these enclosed complexes that house anywhere from dozens to hundreds of unique food vendors.

Arguably the most famous of these vendors, thanks to the late and great Anthony Bourdain, is Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice; a place so devoid of pretension that their official website is a Facebook page.


Singapore’s fun doesn’t even consider stopping when the sun goes down. Head down any street in the city and you’re bound to find a bar serving top notch cocktails or cold beer.

While the club scene is like any other city (being that it is overpriced and generally underwhelming), there are dozens of expat-friendly bars that would seem at home in London or New York City.

If you feel like enjoying a craft beer at the highest microbrewery in the world, head to LeVel 33 and enjoy a flight of beer while you take in the impressive view. For a less expensive drink and a view of the bay, consider Five Izakaya Bar, locally known simply as Five Bar.

The name of Five Izakaya Bar is practical, because all of their drinks and beers only cost five dollars (unless, of course, you opt to buy a whole bottle of liquor). If you’re looking to dance, head up to The Screening Room, which has live DJ’s spinning records on the rooftop while films are screened below!

No run-down of Singapore would be complete without the compulsory inclusion of the Singapore Sling. Even if you can’t find Singapore on a map, you’re sure to have heard of the Singapore Sling.

A gin-based cocktail, the drink that borrows its city’s name is a fresh and tasty beverage that pairs perfectly with a warm evening looking out at the water. To try the original — and possibly the best — head to The Long Bar in the Raffle Hotel and drink in the history.


You don’t gain a reputation as one of the wealthiest cities in Asia without having some serious shopping chops. Home to exclusive boutiques and open-air markets, Singapore is a haven for those that want to spend their hard-earned money.

While haggling doesn’t fly in the higher-end shops, on the streets it is almost expected, so brush up on your Malay and Cantonese before you head out!

If you have money to burn, head to Orchard Road. Similar to Nathan Road in Hong Kong, Orchard Road is the epitome of the shopping experience in Singapore.

Top of the line tailors can take your measurements and produce a bespoke suit within a day, though going in with some foresight of your own can ensure you come out looking fresher than ever. If you can’t find something perfect on Orchard Road, head to VivoCity for even more options. Plus, if you need a break, VivoCity boasts the largest cinema in Singapore, and houses four separate food courts.

Deal hunters don’t need to feel left out, as Singapore has several massive street markets where incredible deals can be found. One of the more famous of these is the Bugis Street Market, which used to be one of the seedier locations in Singapore.

However, like Times Square, Bugis Street Market has left its gritty days behind and is now a family friendly shopping location that has some of the lowest prices around. If you’re in town on a Sunday, head to the China Square Central Flea Market where dozens upon dozens of vendors set up their stands and sell their wares throughout the day.

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