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The Rollercoaster Ride of Chocolate and Liquor in Disneyland

365Tickets February 19, 2019

From the company that brought a little sparkle and magic into the lives of billions of people across the globe, Disney offers yet another unique and marvellous experience through their Chocolate and Liquor Tasting event aboard their Disney cruise.

Combining two of the most loved indulgences on the planet, this event allows it’s clients to explore paired tastes while simultaneously enjoying themselves.

This ride begins with a history of chocolate and it’s production methods.

  • The origin of chocolate has long been associated with the ancient Mayans and the ancient Olmecs of Southern Mexico.
  • Though it’s current form has evolved into the sweet delicacy we know and love, this was not always so. For a long time, chocolate was a common bitter beverage, similar to coffee.
  • The percentage of cocoa powder and cocoa butter in chocolate affects the taste. White chocolate is a combination of cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla whereas milk or dark chocolate has a medium to high percentage of cocoa powder.
  • When pairing chocolate with liquor, a larger quantity of cocoa butter coats the taste buds and makes some of the more harsher liquors easier to drink.


Now that we’re a little bit wiser on the nitty-gritty of picking the right chocolates, we move on to the tasting!

We begin with the pairing of Tesco Prosecco along with melted white and dark chocolate.

  • Pairing Champagne with chocolate is a tricky business.
  • Milk chocolate is by far the more versatile chocolate option for pairing with this.
  • Incidentally, this pairing is popular with gifts and recipes for truffles (Prosecco Chocolate Gifts are among the top favourites as chocolate gifts and are usually paired with strawberry or rose flavoured milk chocolate). This allows you to explore our first option easily and on a budget.

Onwards, fellow readers, to our next tasting – red wine paired with the three kinds of chocolate – white, milk and dark.

  • Wine and chocolates are a romantic cliche, being known aphrodisiacs.
  • The goal of this combination is to see the differences in the composition of chocolate (cocoa powder) makes to the liquor, the tastes resulting from each of them and to learn about your individual taste preferences.
  • Things to keep in mind when attempting this pairing is that the type of wine chosen matters and different kinds of wine go well with different chocolates.
  • For example, rich dark chocolates go extremely well and are usually recommended to be used with heavy red wines. Pinot Noir, dry red wine is known for its resulting good pairing with white chocolate.

The cruise event continues on with pairings with the port with cheese and finally, scotch with dark rich drinking chocolate to wind it up.

With the port and Parmesan cheese bringing a desirable change of pace from all the sweetness, the rich pairing of scotch with dark chocolate finishes the event rather nicely.

As scotch is a hard liquor and in turn, not very popular with the masses, the chocolate helps mellow the taste tremendously and allow less than eager fans to also try and enjoy this pairing.

  • Similar must-try liquor chocolate pairings include Glenlivet 12 with dark chocolate as a variant of the scotch combination mentioned above to similar results.
  • Besides wine and chocolate pairing, another must-try would have to be the bourbon and chocolate pairing. The alcohol in bourbon improves the aroma of the chocolate and the fat in chocolate tempers the strong alcohol. One of the best available in terms of quality would be the blood oath bourbon. With a caramel and vanilla aroma, this liquor would go understandably well with similar rich chocolates.
  • Milk chocolates pair well with rye whiskey while bitter dark chocolates work wonders with sweetened old whiskey.

The Disney Cruise event offers a brief look into the world of liquor tastings and exploring one’s palate.

Other similar events on the cruise include wine, champagne, martini, cognac, and whiskey tastings, But the journey must not end there. With these experiences and tastings as a starting point, we can always travel further and experiment to find the best pairing of chocolate and liquor subject to our own personal preferences. Further, there is no limit to the kinds of drinks and their form of consumption that can be chosen. Experiment with the mixing of liquor with hot chocolate and enjoy a steaming new beverage.

However, keep in mind these tips while mixing chocolate and liquor in any form,

  • High-quality products are almost always going to beat cheap run down items.
  • Taste your items separately and look for similarities and flavours in each to better judge good pairs.
  • Follow your own heart, everyone has their own preferences – you just need to find the right pairing for yours.



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