Thorpe Park Freaky Easter Shows

Thorpe Park is laying on some “interesting” extra entertainment over Easter this year. All included in the entrance fee

Space Men at Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park tickets include freaky stuff this Easter

so nasty surprises involving your credit card. View available tickets at 365


The Showcase “twisted” contortionist twists herself into impossible spaces and a dark mind reader goes deep into your very own twisted minds! Make sure you have clean thoughts when you visit!

Out & About

Skate Naked – I wonder what their act involves? It may be best to see the mind reader before seeing this act i think.

Plus lots of other random freakiness around the park.


Simon Cowell said “One of the best things I have ever seen in my life!”  See them for yourself as the dance sensation FLAWLESS perform their amazing routine.

Flawless at Thorpe Park
Amazing Flawless at Thorpe Park including in entrance ticket

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