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Top 5 Holiday Destinations To Visit Post Lockdown

365Tickets June 4, 2020

We are all familiar with the current situation of several countries across the world, trying to
fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Travelling is one of the things belonging to the past before we
all have been practicing self-isolation and social distancing.

That’s not all, the travel and hospitality sector in many countries, are not in operation due to the mandatory lockdowns.
However, the first thing all travel enthusiasts and others in common will prefer to do is travel
to their desired destinations, once things start getting normal again post lockdown.

That said, travel experience might not be the same anymore at least for the next few months or even
years. Many airlines are planning to introduce distant seats in flights, to maintain social
distancing among passengers, and face shields and masks are mandatory for all
passengers and cabin crew. In such situations, it’s evident that people would prefer to visit
less crowded destinations for vacations, once things get better.

So, let’s look at some of the top holiday destinations to visit post lockdown.

1. Cape Town

Here’s the perfect place for many travel enthusiasts to rekindle your relationship with nature
post lockdown. The second most populated city and also the legislative capital of South
Africa is full of lush green picturesque locations and warm people. The perfect time to visit
the Mother City is during winters when the streets are busy with festivals, street food stalls,
and the bars are lively than usual.

If you dig wildlife then your first go-to spot when in Cape Town would be Safari that offers a
whole new astounding view of the native and diverse wildlife of South Africa.Once you have
explored the wildlife, get ready to experience the metropolitan lifestyle of the Mother City by
hanging out at the Camp’s Bay and grabbing lunch on Granger Bay or Kloof Street.
The city does not disappoint party animals either, as you will find some plush gin bars
between Long Streets and Bree.

2. Mexico

Bright sun, tequila and Mexican street food is the perfect combo for a vacation. Ask any of
your friends that have been to Mexico. Mexico is a land of delicious food and varied cuisines.
And no, we aren’t just talking about tacos and tortas. The country has a whole lot of things
apart from that.All the regions of the country have its own classic cuisine that one shouldn’t
miss out on when visiting Mexico.

You will fall in love with the diverse culture and friendly people of Mexico. Whether it’s the
elite clubs that play top International Hits or the traditional mariachi groups playing in
festivals, the music scene here is vibrant. The diverse climatic conditions and the
landscapes of Mexico are no less.

The southern region is full of jungles, while the north remains dry with deserts and if you dig clear seas, then Yucatan Peninsula is the perfect
place for you.

3. Greek Island

We all know how badly the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the popular tourist attractions
such as Spain and Italy. The travel community may evade the places mentioned above and prefer to visit a much safer place with less number of active Covid-19 cases. Greece is one
of them as the impact of the virus is not as severe as Spain and Italy with less number of
cases and deaths.

The Mediterranean sea surrounds the country and Greece has it all, lavish malls with luxury
brands to picturesque views. Moussaka, Tzatziki and Souvlaki are some of the famous foods
worth a try while the local drinks include Raki, Beer and Ouzo. Besides famous food
cuisines, the sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters are something that attracts several
tourists every year.

4. Finnish Lapland

Here’s another perfect destination for a vacation during the holidays apart from the
traditional holiday destinations. Experience an entirely new view of winters in Lapland
beneath the northern lights. If watching the northern lights has been on your bucket list for a
while now, then it’s the right place to check off the box.

Riding the dog sledge and skiing are some of the outdoor activities of the arctic region that
might evoke the inner adventure enthusiast in you post lockdown. If you wish to indulge in
something more offbeat, then a night’s stay at the ice hotel with warm reindeer skins and
thermal sleeping bags could be the right thing to do.

Also, it’s great to visit the place with kids as they would love to visit the Santa Claus’ official
north pole residence, in the town of Rovaniemi.

5. New South Wales

With a better condition than many other countries suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic,
Australia is one of the places to spend some quality time with yourself or with loved
ones.While the busy streets of Sydney and the Bondi Beach are among the few things that
cross our mind while thinking about New South Wales, several other things in the state
attract many tourists to Australia.

For instance, go camping with your family and friends on the beautiful blue mountains with a
roof top tent, and you will witness the absolute beauty of the state first hand.For all the
animal lovers, New South Wales is a land of the diverse wildlife of Australia.

While you can find both local and exotic animals at the Taronga Zoo, you will be more likely
to spot wildlife everywhere in New South Wales.

Final Thoughts

Those were the top five holiday destinations to visit post lockdown. However, remember and
follow the necessary precautions to stay away from Covid-19 while travelling.

Practice social distancing by avoiding to visit crowded places and wearing disposable gloves
and face masks to cover hands and face.

Research well about any special rules implemented for foreign visitors in the country you are
visiting, due to the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid any trouble during your vacation.