Valentine’s Day Ideas – Paris

Valentine’s Day Ideas – Paris

Italians may strongly disagree, but many see Paris as the world’s most romantic city, and the first choice as the perfect Valentine’s Day destination. Beautiful by day and stunning by night, Paris is a city of charm and contrasts, from the elegant Champs Elysee to the bohemian St. Germain district, but it’s most iconic building is undoubtedly the Eiffel Tower.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Top chef Alain Soulard has created a special Valentine’s dinner menu at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant on the first floor. Diners can marvel at the spectacular views of the twinkling lights of Paris whilst enjoying a four course meal with a glass of champagne and some fine wine. Paris is foodie heaven, and if you can combine fine dining with  laid back evening sightseeing, all the better! February may not be the ideal month for a stroll along the Seine, but a dinner cruise with Bateaux Parisiens will give you the best of both worlds, as you glide past the beautifully illuminated landmarks that line the riverbanks and chose from three sumptuous menus, glass of champagne and bottle of wine included. Add a touch of glamour to your Valentine’s day in Paris by seeing one of the city’s famous cabaret shows.

Three very different shows are on offer, from the retro delights of Moulin Rouge, the Hollywood style Lido de Paris, and the futuristic Mugler Follies. Moulin Rouge is probably the best known venue in Paris, immortalised by painter Toulouse Lautrec,  with it’s instantly recognisable windmill topped exterior and reputation as the birthplace of the can-can. A four course dinner, show, champagne and souvenir gift are included with your ticket. The Lido  has the options of first (21.30) or second (23.30) champagne only show, or four course dinner and show with champagne and wine. No expense has been spared with this visual extravaganza

Moulin Rouge Valentines Day

– the costumes and sets are totally dazzling. Mugler Follies is the latest sensation on the Paris cabaret scene, and this innovative show will please fashionistas, lovers of burlesque and anyone looking for something new and imaginative. Legendary designer Manfred (Thierry) Mugler is the mastermind behind this show, and guests can opt for show only, champagne and show, or a three  course dinner with cocktails, champagne and choccy treats and show. However you chose to celebrate, it’s bound to bring some warmth into frosty February!  

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