Welcome to Berlin:

Berlin is the heart of Germany, which echoes through the grand public buildings, museums and theaters, restaurants, and bustling pubs. Today the city has been restored as the nation’s capital, and is the focus of a mammoth project of reunification and the barometer of Germany’s moods.

This is a little post to help our readers to get around this popular city without destroying its budget. As with most tourist meccas, Berlin offers plenty of easy ways to pay top dollar for things that won’t really enhance your experience.

Berlin Sightseeing

When to Visit:

Summer temperatures are comfortable most of the month as extreme heat and thunderstorms are a rarity. Spring and Fall can be cool as well, especially for North Americans but be sure to pack warm clothes for winter. Berlin is like many European cities in that they don’t use salt on roads or sidewalks for environmental reasons.

Where to Eat:

Berlin has the world’s largest Turkish population outside of Turkey itself. There are thousands of food stands beneath the sign “Imbiss” where you can get a delicious gyro-like sandwich for reasonable prices. For dinner, try the Nikolaiviertel (St. Nicholas Quarter), which is a restored area around the church of the same name. Not all the eateries are budget-conscious, but many provide solid values and reasonable prices which can help you save those pennies.

Where to Stay:

There are few cities which offer a wider array of cheap rooms than here in Berlin. If you do some research for hostels in Berlin you will be provided with a variety of options for those who don’t mind the inconvenience of hostel life. For slightly more money, check out small hotels where you can pick up a great deal. Places like this offer modest but comfortable room and breakfast for less than $100 USD/night.

Getting Around:

Travelling around Berlin can be done at a cheap price and fairly easily. Bus Number 100 is a large circular route that goes past most of the city’s major tourist sites, but beware of pickpockets. Berlin’s lines are among the most economical and efficient in the world. Familiarize yourself with their routes and consider City Tour Cards that pay for 48 hours of urban train trips starting at about €16. Bike rentals are popular here, and you’ll find riders have their own marked lanes on many street or you could rent a car and drive on the Autobahn for a truly German travel experience. If you want an organised and no stress experience we would recommend the Berlin City Sightseeing Tours which are open topped hop-on, hop-off double decker buses. The continuous route takes two hours and buses depart from each stop every 15-30 minutes and operating over two different tours.

Berlin Nightlife:

There is something here for virtually any taste, from classical entertainment to the latest in Techno. If you’ll be out late, remember that many trains cease or cut back service after midnight. Many nightspots don’t even begin to get busy until after 10 p.m., so if you’re going to see or be seen, plan for a late start. Be advised: you might stumble upon places that cater to what many would consider very bizarre tastes. The Friedrichstadt-Palast is Europe’s premier show house! Boasting the world’s biggest theatre stage, over 100 performers combine to create a truly inspiring spectacle. The new Revue show entitled ‘SHOW ME’ will be the most expensive show that Friedrichstadt-Palast has ever presented. Read more information about the Berlin Revue Show.

Berlin Sightseeing

Berlin Parks:

There is few city parks in the world can rival the expansive Tiergarten that spreads across the center of the city. This is a great place to spend a quiet and economical afternoon with a picnic lunch. If you love to see splendid landscaping, don’t miss out on a trip to Potsdam, where the castles are surrounded with some of the greatest gardens this side of Versailles.

Berlin Pass
The 3 day Berlin Pass gives you free fast track entry to over 50 museums and attractions, a free hop-on, hop-off bus tour and free travel on public transport, so there’s no need to carry large amounts of cash.

Berlin Pass tickets come with a free 95 page guide book to help you plan your trip – the more you see, the more you save and you can use your pass to take a bus tour or riverboat trip to view the city’s landmarks.

The Berlin Pass also gives access to attractions like the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, which tells the story of the infamous Wall, the five important museums on Museum Island, and many galleries and historic buildings.

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